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Products & Services

Our primary business is the design and service of downhole rod pumps, BHAs, and related production supplies. We are a full service pump repair facility located in the Mid-Continent region dedicated to customer service and support after the sale. Our technical team can assist with pump design as well as trouble-shooting and other recommendations. We have fully trained personnel with many years of experience and believe the quality and integrity we display allows us to build the trust and the relationships we have developed with so many of our customers over the years. We maintain all the necessary specialty equipment needed for the repair of downhole pumps and tubing anchor catchers of all sizes. We offer an exchange program with fully tested and approved spare pumps and tubing anchors in our inventory in order to eliminate costly down time and we deliver and pick up at your location. In addition, we have many storage racks we utilize to store and preserve our customer’s inventory of spare pumps and tubing anchors. 

We also maintain a data base with complete pump and tubing anchor descriptions which allows us quick access to this information for our customers. This also allows us pump tracking and trouble-shooting ability by being able to pull up all previous reports to show consistent well problems and conditions we must overcome. Our customers receive, with the invoice, a detailed copy of this pump report stating the entire condition and what parts were in need of replacement and why. This report can also be e-mailed if you prefer. This, which has been expressed to us by many of our customers, can be very useful in building your own well file. We will save any well samples for a period of time and if a sample is saved it will be noted on your report. Keep in mind, we have a fleet of vehicles and travel over most of the state of Oklahoma and sometimes beyond. You have options rather than settling on a pump company just because they’re “close.” Allowing the time for a little longer travel distance is all it takes.



We are a full line distributor set up with most all manufacturers and we keep in stock all products listed below. Furthermore, we are willing to stock any other products to meet our customer’s needs. 

  • Downhole pump sales and service
  • Tubing Anchor sales and service
  • Polished rods
  • Polished rod liners
  • Polished rod clamps
  • Rod rotators
  • Stuffing boxes
  • Pumping tees
  • Back pressure regulators
  • Sinker bars
  • Sucker rods
  • Sucker rod couplings
  • Pony rods
  • On/Off tools
  • Seating nipples
  • Mud anchors
  • Tubular goods
  • Tubing couplings
  • Pup joints
  • Desanders
  • Sand screens
  • Downhole Gas Separators
  • Tubing screens
  • Ball valves
  • Check valves
  • Nipples
  • Fishing tools
  • Rod transfers
  • Rod & tubing elevators
  • Well-heads
  • Much much more


The following are just a few of our valued vendors:

  • Harbison-Fischer
  • Weatherford
  • Norris-O'bannon fishing tools
  • Norris Rods
  • Larkin
  • Hasco Mfg.
  • NOV/Huber/Hercules Products 
  • Browning Oil Tools
  • Skinner Brothers
  • Opeco
  • Well-head Systems, Inc.
  • Well-head Distributors, Inc.
  • Cavins
  • Baird Mfg.
  • Harris Sales
  • Double E
  • Odessa Separator
  • Spicer & Sandburg
  • Best-O-Life
  • Gearench
  • Tejas Tubulars
  • Mayco
  • Many many more!


Put your trust in a company whose primary focus, experience, and strength rests with downhole pumps, unlike the large chain supply store who may only dabble with rod pumps!